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Ivonne Photo at Little River

Do you know about one of the best places to take photos in North East Miami? It is pretty new to the Miami scene, but it has quickly become one of the most popular and trending locations for stunning photo shoots. You may also recognize it from many music videos, like this one from Cardi B...

That's right, located here in Miami, it's Little River Studios! And fortunately for us, we get to use it for our unique photo sessions! Our team goes through an assessment with each client to find locations that fit your personal style and session goal, and if our client loves Little River and it matches the set design we are trying to achieve, we book it for you (they charge a small fee to use their facility).

For more info go to:

We love working at Little River, and have taken some of our most gorgeous photos there:

They offer multiple beautiful backdrops, all located in the same place. Such as their popular Greece inspired set, indoor chic home studio, cute bungalow, and more! They even have a vintage car on the premises, that you can use. We can easily understand why this is a hot spot for our clients to have their photo shoot.

Miami Quince Photoshoot

Miami Quince Photographer

As you can see, it is a great space that allows us to get creative with your photo shoot. Our experience and knowledge of working there often, allows us to help you appropriately coordinate your looks with their sets, ensuring you get the most out of your time at Little River Studios, and bring your vision to life!

We leave you with this video to give you a better look at what it would be like to take your photos with Ivonne Photo at Little River!

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