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Night shoots in Miami

As digital cameras improve, night photography is becoming increasingly popular. Fortunately for us we're located in Miami. A city that comes to life at night, with colorful neon lights and bright skyline. With those views we can offer clients a cool unique alternative on traditional photos we see taken during the day in Miami. Places that would normally look mundane during the day, suddenly come to life at night. The following are a few examples of locations and what to expect from a night photo shoot.

This location is the popular Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. The South Beach area has a very bright night life that creates great scenery for a vibrant unique night shoot, we totally love it! The neon lights offer a colorful back drop that really makes our quinceanera stand out. There's also multiple spots with different lights that allow for a variety of styles and looks. You can wear a very gala type dress or a casual chic night time outfit.

Be cautious this is a very touristy and busy location. You can expect bystanders and traffic. That is why we recommend having this photo shoot Monday through Thursday. Even so, events and holidays can effect these days.

This location is in Key Biscayne a great beach spot that is not too busy on weekdays. It has both rocky and sandy areas. At night it provides a different dreamy look to your typical beach photos. Depending on the weather it can be windy, or the water chilly. Go prepared and you'll have a great photo shoot!

We also do night shoots on our private property, where we have a pool on site that allows us to get creative! At night we can achieve amazing effects that are basically impossible during the day. Water temperature varies on the weather, so keep that in mind.

Night shoot are also a convenient alternative for people with busy schedules during the day. And an great option for people who don't want to deal with the Miami heat during the day. Keep in mind the time of a night shoot varies on the time of the year, as the sun sets at different hours throughout the year.

As you've seen night shoots result in some stunning images and this could be you!

There is many cool things that could add life to your night shoot, such as including one of our vendors to incorporate a unique car into your photoshoot.

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