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A True Winter Wonderland Quince for These Twins!

It's extremely hard to start this post without starting it with a: WOW! When I first meet Nancy, the mother of who would quickly become "My twins," I immediately knew her girls would be the perfect match for our "out of the box" quince approach.

Quince Miami

Yet, as any mother of twins would know, having twins means double the love but also double the work!! Where would we start? How do we structure the shoot? Easy! That's the part where we come in and help you design your perfect photo shoot!

Ivonne Photo
Ivonne Photo

We sat down and designed our work plan for the session. Although we wanted to embrace the fact that they were twins (A lot of shots together) We also wanted this to be a celebration of their individuality.

Ivonne Photo
Ivonne Photo
Ivonne Photo
Ivonne Photo

Not to mention their Winter Wonderland party theme-EEEK!!! So excited! Who doesn't love winter in Miami?! We talked about outfit ideas and Momma Nancy started her hunt!We spent the next few months texting back and fourth about amazing outfit finds, and most importantly the difficulty of finding the perfect winter outfit (being we live in extremely-hot-all-year Miami.)

Ivonne Photo

The day quickly came and we saw all of our hard work come to life! These girls were so fun to work with. I think the painting shoot was one of my personal favorites!! We really had a chance to let loose, have some fun, and THROW PAINT AT EACH OTHER!! These girls stole my heart forever!

Ivonne Photo

A honest client and vendor relationship like no other. There is something special to say about clients that become friends! Their event was a total Winter Wonderland dream and it was amazing to see it all unfold. These perfect girls had the perfect photo shoot and event to remember one of life greatest moments.. I hope you enjoyed this special photo recap! Click the links below for an exclusive look at their photo session #BTS and event trailer <3

For a #BTS look at the day of our photo shoot, Click below!

To watch the trailer of their Winter Wonderland Quince event at The Pullman Hotel, click below:

Thank you for always being such a huge part of our company! Like and comment your thoughts about this post! <3 XOXO

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