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About Us

"They are so detailed with their shoots and it shows in every image. They bring it all to the table with their incredible creativity and a true passion for their craft. Ivette made us feel so welcome from the very first day with her bubbly and lovable personality-It's hard to not love her! Especially watching her and her mom work beside each other doing what they both love." -Sheila


Ivette was not only raised but taught by one of the most accredited photographers in Miami. Following in her mother's footsteps, she has developed a keen eye for creativity and beautiful images. They're the real definition of a "dynamic duo". They are each other's biggest critics, yet their strongest supporters, and today they are blessed enough to shoot side-by-side! 


Ivette & Ivonne have secured their names as the most prominent photographers in Miami, known for their creative approach to Quince, Wedding, and Maternity pictures. Go meet them yourselves! 


Be part of the legacy.



"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"

Melany (Yanisley)-1160
Liz (Yanet) NYCday1-6414
Melany (Yanisley)-0804
Keyla LAS VEGAS -7742
Leslie (Vivian)-1508 Wallet x2 - Horizontal
Keyla (Yanet) (206 of 286)
Joselyn (Gisela) -1578 8x10 - Review Horizontal
Karla (Carlos)-8785
Kaelyn (Janine) -2578
Jennifer (Yanibel)-2035
Helen (Yelena)-9394 8x10 Review - Horizontal
Heyli (Osleidy)-9824
Hailey (Heidi)-7408
Gabrielle (Yuni)-7263 30x40 metal
Emily (Betty) -3700
Gabriela (Danelis)-7725
Daniela (Anisleidy)-7483 30x40 Metal - Vertical - Remove thing on wall
Anelis (Nataly) -6587 30x40 metal
Brenda (Ody)-4016
Allyson (Anisley)-1765
Alexandria (Geannie)-0300
Alexandria (Geannie)-0263
Abbie (Vanessa)-4537
Maria (Vivian) 012307
Alexandra (Yimiley) -5303
Kaitlyn (Melvis) day 2 -7004
Ivonne Photo Quince
Ivonne Photo Quince
Ivonne Photo Quince
Ivonne Photo Quince
Ivonne Photo Quince
Ivonne Photo Quince
Ivonne Photo Quince
Kyanna (Ana) 040530.jpg

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Ivette Media | Ivonne Photo

7921 S.W. 40th St. Suite# 46

Miami, FL. 33155

Tel: 305-343-2306


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